Long Night of Music – Alpha waves: Duo Reflexion K plays new music by Stefan Streich and Gerald Eckert

Saturday, 25.11.2023 – 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm

In Duo Reflexion K, Ensemble Reflexion K, one of the most outstanding ensembles in contemporary music, focuses on its core and starting point. It is the two founders of the ensemble – flautist Beatrix Wagner and composer and cellist Gerald Eckert – who come together in this duo and develop programs of a very special kind.

This year’s Long Night of Music will focus on a new work (2nd performance after the premiere on 18.11. in Berlin!): Stefans Streichs Gran Duo. It is the wide-ranging arcs, the proliferation of processes and states, of individual sounds and mixtures, of figures and surfaces, of static durations and dramatic developments that interest the composer. The music is a permanent in-between, a constant both/and: it jumps and glides between narrative figures and abstract textures, between clusters and tonalities, sound and noise. The instruments are often close and parallel, conducted like a two-part solo instrument and sometimes broad, like a mini-orchestra. Contrasts are not contradictions here, but two sides of the same coin.

The concert begins with the piece “Nachtbogen” by Gerald Eckert from 2001.


  • Gerald Eckert “Nachtbogen” (2001, 11′) for flute and violoncello
  • Stefan Streich “Gran Duo” (2021 – 2023, 80′) for flute and violoncello

Admission is free