Gemeinsam Haltung zeigen gegen Rechts! – So 28.1.24 – 14:00 Uhr

Taking a stand together against the racists!

The uncovering of a right-wing extremist secret meeting at which the expulsion of people of people with a history of migration and political dissent has made us realise that our democracy is in danger!

The plans cynically labelled as “remigration” by the AFD and other racists clearly violate the Basic Law, threaten the human dignity not only of the potential victims, but of all those living here, and attack the core of peaceful coexistence in our society. They remind us of the deportations of Nazi socialism, the darkest period of German history.

We are taking a stand against this and taking to the streets in defence of our democracy!

Citizens from Eckernförde have spontaneously come together to organise a demonstration are organising a demonstration that will take place on Sunday at 2.00 pm. The meeting point is at the harbour tip, the colourful march ends at the town hall market for the
final rally.

The Eckernförde Alliance Against the Right is looking forward to many participants.