Stefan Streich “Ritorno”

With “Ritorno”, the Ensemble Reflexion K presents a programme on 17.09.2022, 7:00 pm, which focuses on two works by the composer Stefan Streich, the current composition fellow of the Schleswig-Holsteinisches artists’ residency. Streich’s processual works, rich in tonal colour, will be flanked by compositions by Juan Campoverde (Ecuador), Emiliano Turazzi (Italy) and James Dillon (Scotland) in alternating instrumentations for flute, viola and violoncello.

Juan Campoverde Q. „Estelas Australes“ (2021)
for flute and violoncello

Stefan Streich „Duo für Flöte und Violoncello“ Teil 2 (2022) UA
for bass flute/flute and violoncello

James Dillon „Siorram“ (1992)
for Viola solo

Emiliano Turazzi “Composizione per flauto e violoncello” Teil F (2017)
for flute and violoncello

Stefan Streich „Ritorno“ (2006/2007)
for bass flute and viola

Ensemble Reflexion K
Beatrix Wagner, flute
Christiane Veltman, viola
Gerald Eckert, violoncello