Scholarship holder Filippos Tatakis introduced

On Saturday, 18 May 2024 at 12:30, we offer an insight into the work of Filippos Tatakis

Filippos Tatakis is a Greek artist based in Berlin who currently lives in the Schleswig-Holstein artists’ residency otte1. His practice focuses on researching the power of images commercially used by the global press to narrate stories of war or similar deadly conflicts. His interest arises on the process of normalization that the material undergoes by the viewers, through their repetitive exposure to it mainly appearing in the image based social media and news platforms.

Tatakis is painting and drawing detailed and thorough depictions of symbols and scenes which either literally or metaphorically have corresponding reference to mass violence acts and casually go unnoticed. The feelings evoked at the presence of his paintings are finely balancing between appreciation of power and the inconvenience of being affected by it.

On 18 May, Filippos Tatakis is going to talk about his past work and give a glimpse of what he is currently working on at the Otte 1 residency. His current project will be show in an exhibition in the end of June.

Admission is free.