Wunder Apfel as a thank you

The Schleswig-Holstein Künstlerhaus – otte1 has accommodated two artists from Ukraine with the help of state scholarships. Kateryna Yermolaeva from Donetsk and Olesia Saienko from Ivano-Frankivsk are working in Eckernförde since the beginning of May.

Both are doing their artistic projects that will be exhibited in November. In addition, they are involved with a cultural project funded by the Ministry of the Interior, which aims to promote the integration of Ukrainian refugees and their participation in society.

Kateryna Yermolaeva and Olesia Saienko want to express their gratitude for being supported with a special action. At a time when their homeland is experiencing daily destruction, they want to set a constructive mark by planting two apple trees.

They have chosen the apple variety Aporta (also called Wunder Apfel), bred in Ukraine in the 18th century, which is to be purchased from a nursery in Niebüll. Two plantings are planned, one in the garden of the otte1 residency and one on the Eckernförde beach promenade. The Eckernförde municipal gardening department will supervise the planting. Further care such as water supply and fertilisation will also be provided by the city gardeners.