Miku Sophie Kühmel “After-Market Reading”

Miku Sophie Kühmel has been an otte1 scholarship holder since the beginning of July. The author was born in Gotha in 1992. She studied at Humboldt University in Berlin and New York University, with Roger Willemsen and Daniel Kehlmann, among others. Since 2013, her short prose has appeared regularly in magazines and anthologies. She also tells her stories in radio pieces and podcasts.

Her first novel Kintsugi was awarded the Jürgen Ponto Foundation Prize for Literature in 2019. “An exceedingly impressively concentratedly written debut that also provides heightened reading pleasure: The novel Kintsugi develops a new, contemporary view of concepts of life and love and convinces as an ensemble novel with extremely differentiated character psychology.”

The author will open a series of events at the Künstlerhaus, each of which will take place at 12:30 pm at the end of the weekly market. The series “Markt: Nachlese” begins on 30 July 2022 with a reading by Miku Sophie Kühmel from the novel Kintsugi and the forthcoming title Triskele, published by S. Fischer.