Astrid Proll – Photography as a Living Memory

Weekly market review Saturday, 10 february 2024 12:30 pm – otte1 Artists’ Residency

Being a young female adult at the time of 1968 in West Germany, Astrid Proll sought her chances to become a professional, to earn money and be independent. It was not until 1977 that women in West Germany were entitled to gainful employment without the authorization of their parents or husbands. Working across many decades, this coming Saturday revisits the theme of consciousness in Germany during the shift between the Second to the Third Industrial Revolution. Astrid Proll visits Otte1 to share a talk after the market on her varied experiences with photography as a living memory.

In 1968, Astrid Proll began her training as photographer at the “women only“ training institute of the

Lette-Verein in Berlin, whose founding idea had been to offer young, unmarried women career prospects. Never the less perfect for a young woman for whom nothing was further from her mind than marriage to a man. As a gay woman, Astrid found herself moving in the 70s to London and its counterculture . Life took her on a different way than she had planned, with a new chance to continue her photography at the Hochschule fur Bildende Künste Hamburg and after as a photo editor in journalism.

Her visit at Otte1 invites guests to share experiences and exchange with one another reflections about what still persists in contemporary debates today, and what is remembered from a later chance in life to become a professional with her work at the legendary Tempo magazine.

During her visit, she will also share experiences with the current scholarship holders over a dinner.