The Tree from Ukraine, Daniel Günther and Kateryna Yermolaeva

The Malus Aporta stood decorated with a ribbon on the promenade when Minister President Daniel Günther and the Ukrainian scholarship holder of the Künstlerhaus otte1 Kateryna Yermolaeva cut a blue and yellow ribbon. This cleared the way for the “miracle apple”, whose fruit will be an eye-catcher on the beach in the future.

At the reception that followed in the “Bootshaus”, Daniel Günther thanked the scholarship holders Kateryna Yermolaeva and Olesia Saienko for the gift. “Christmas is the time of miracles, and we all wish for a miracle of peace.” Norbert Weber, chairman of the otte1 Friends Association, quoted from the first description by pomologist Adrian Diel in 1823 “Aporta is a splendid, excellent fruit of strong, violaceous smell. The flesh is juicy, with a fine raspberry-like, wine-like sugar taste. The tree grows vigorously and is fruitful.”

The ceremony was framed by the singing of Ukrainian refugees under the direction of Kateryna Kharytych. Anastasiya Gurskaya and Maryna Seredenko gave the guests Ukrainian finger food to taste.